≪Salon Promise≫
At Cockney, we have a simple objective: to express all customer’s beauty from the inside and deliver wonderful and precious moments.

≪About us≫
We have worldwide experiences.
The salon owner, Hiro, used to live in the UK and trained at Vidal Sassoon for 2 years. After that, Hiro opened Cockney, which is located on the west side of Nagoya Station in 2006.

Cockney specialises in not only consultation in English, but also in handling any type of hair: Asian, Western, African, etc.
We have 10 years of experience with many foreign customers.
We have a lot of specialised knowledge and offer helpful advice for any types of hairstyle.

With our technical talent aside, we care about our customers’ personalities; we always put our customers’ preference first, very friendly and attentive.

We are able to promise you an exclusive salon experience like never before.